Frequently Asked Questions & Answers 


How long will Shipping take?

Please click here to view our shipping times.


Can I track my order?

You can track your order by clicking scrolling to the bottom of this page and clicking on track your order. This will take you to the tracking page.


What is your refund/return policy?

Please click here for details of our refund policy.


What are Customs/Tax/Duty Fees?

These may apply to deliveries outside the US. Once we have sent your items and they arrive in your country they will go through customs. A fee may be applied depending on your country. They are usually a small fee due on items over a certain value. Please check with your customs if you are unsure. We are not liable for any customs fees you receive.


Can I Use Multiple Discounts?

Unfortunately two discounts can't be used at the same time, apart from our free delivery service when you spend over $50, this can be used with other discounts. For example multiple or related item discounts can't be used with a 10% off discount code.


How do I care for my jewelry?

Please click here for more info on how to keep your jewelry in top condition.


Where is my order sent from?

All deliveries to the USA are sent straight from our warehouse in the US. All shipping outside the US will be sent straight from the factory. We have decided this is the most environmentally friendly option we could choose. The item gets made and then sent straight to you, rather than being sent back and forth between shipping and posting companies. 

I haven't received my item, it's damaged or not the item I paid for.

Firstly, please accept our apologies. We want every order to go as smoothly as possible, however on the odd occasion an issue can arise with an order. Please contact us as soon as possible by clicking here and we will get the issue rectified straight away.

I have a question that is not answered above.

Please click here to get in touch.